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Use our Insurance

For your convenience and protection there are several insurance options available. The base rental rate for our vehicles does not include insurance. Our local, US-based customers are encouraged to “Bring Your Own” insurance, through their existing auto insurance. While most auto insurance companies automatically cover rental cars, about half them do offer coverage options for rental Rvs as well. Whenever available that is usually the better option. It is free of charge and mirrors the coverage package you have selected for your own personal vehicle. As such it may include coverage features otherwise not available, such is covering personal injuries to occupants of the rented vehicle.


If you are interested in going that route, please contact your insurance agent to see if they will issue a “binder”. It’s a document that comes in various formats differing by insurance carrier, and essentially states that coverage will be extended to our vehicle for the duration of the rental. Please be advised that the deductible must not exceed $1,000 per incident, otherwise we may request a higher security deposit.


Alternatively insurance coverage is also available through one of our carriers, at a daily rate starting at $24.95, and we also have supplemental packages available for an additional fee, such as lower deductibles or coverage for glass and tires.